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On December 1, 2017, JDW commented on Ford: Fusion Across Borders :

I’m curious to learn more of the long term implications of other Central and South American labor/manufacturing markets to use this current NAFTA issue and the decreasing global frieght costs to disrupt Mexico as a the prominent manufacturing player south of the US. Does this shift in regulation level the playing fields for those other nations?

I’m curious to learn more about the regulatory implications of this industry, and how regulation can encourage competitors to do the type of investment that Statoil is making in clean energy. Will better regulation encourage more investment into clean energy, or does long-term minded management and PR get us there.

On December 1, 2017, JDW commented on The Disruptor: the Costco of the Internet :

One large question that looms for me after reading this is how will traditional retailers leverage their brick and mortar presence (and expertise there) to deliver the other side of a true omni-channel experience – which is what consumers eventually want. The distribution model for pure e-commerce is interesting, as will the ability to leverage brick and mortar locations for things like order online / pickup in store; order in store / ship from online; use the store as a DC, etc.

On December 1, 2017, JDW commented on The Climate Change Concern for PepsiCo :

ABW makes a good point above regarding the short-term vs. long-term implications of PepsiCo’s strategy. I’d like to dig a bit deeper in PepsiCo’s ability to meet the short-term priorities of current shareholders, while optimizing for the longer term. I believe part of the answer is about the quantum of investment today – they can likely invest a modest amount and satiate investors, but more than that may be difficult.

I’m curious to dig into the potential benefits of data mining in a healthcare setting, but also the limitations that the strict regulatory environment around healthcare impose. Also, how will the regulatory environment need to change to address advances in technology, and not limit future innovation in the space?

On December 1, 2017, JDW commented on Kansas City Southern Railroad Blues :

An interesting analysis would be to look at KCS and firms like them pre-NAFTA, and how operations changed since then. I’m also curious what other things KCS would be able to accomplish through lobbying moving forward – specifically agreements that are less broad and sweeping than something like NAFTA, but maybe with specific countries like Mexico.