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Very interesting topic – the king/queen of using consumer data to recommend additional products pulls the plug on receiving direct input from customers?

I am still grappling with the idea as to why Amazon stopped utilizing crowd sourcing for new ideas for Amazon Studios. There have been multiple instances when I’ve thought to myself, “you know what they should make a show about?” Therefore I would have thought that this would have been a sure-fire hit. Maybe the viewing audience came with so many ideas that it made it tough to get behind an idea. Or ideas that the studio progressed from a customer’s insights into pilots were met with very little interest. Maybe I don’t even know what I want to watch and I have to wait for a big production studio to tell me what I should be watching?

On November 14, 2018, JC commented on Getting Swiggy With It: Your Favorite Foods, Faster :

I never really thought about machine learning in this context, thanks for this!

Although I do tend to agree that benefits can be derived from being able to get your customers order faster, I am not sure if they would be able to utilize machine learning to be able to predict the food choices of consumers. I (I understand that I’m taking a personal point of view) almost never know the type of food that I will have when I order food from the outside. Secondly, I just want to be sure my food gets to my door within a reasonable time (10, 20, 30 or 40 mins) but more importantly I would like to be sure that everything was cooked properly. I would start to become suspicious if my amazing food were to get to me 15 minutes after I order it.

Interesting stuff though.

On November 14, 2018, JC commented on Future of Flight: Autonomous Aircraft? :

Great article! I personally dont believe that ADS-B will ever allow for a pilot to be decoupled from the aircraft because the aircraft is holding human lives. All it would take is for one malfunction of ADS-B to decimate the autonomous flying industry even if a remote pilot could be relied on to steer the plane to safety. Although, if a remote pilot where necessitated, one could argue how much thought process would go into the decisions he is making because his life doesnt depend on it. Therefore, I believe the machine learning in flights, or ADS-B, adds capabilities to the pilots, but it cannot replace pilots.

Very insightful thoughts. I had no idea that additive manufacturing was being used in such fantastic applications as this. I believe that you hit the nail right on the head with regard to the potential downsides – costs and training. But, I would add in an additional risk and say that an organization’s risk will also have to be taken into consideration. If you are just an emergency relief organization, you will need the 3D printing machine for future emergency relief missions therefore you cannot leave your 3D printing machine behind. Then, how would the organization react if negative press is released? Should the organization just leave 3D printers behind? If so, they will have to use a large portion of proceeds to replenish their capabilities.

Very informational piece! I believe that the construction industry has lacked any material innovation and productivity has lagged behind general productivity increases and that AECOM is at a position of strength from a sheer size standpoint and therefore should take on this potentially industry-revolutionizing trend in the market because the competition is fierce in this industry. Therefore, if I were the CEO of AECOM, I would implement 3D printing as much as possible now with AECOM’s current processes and procedures.

On November 14, 2018, JC commented on The Beauty of Crowdsourcing :

Great piece. I agree that Natura is leveraging their customers voice in product development through the “Cocriando Natura” and Natura Campus” which should make customers feel greater interest in buying products. I gather that the author is questioning whether or not the same crowdsourcing methods can be used in order to begin migrating away from DTC into other channels of making their products available to the market. I believe that this would be extremely difficult to do because of its current salesforce of 1.4M sales people and the ability of the salespeople to take over the discussion platforms because they would be essentially fighting for their jobs and that could lead to negative press.