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On November 15, 2018, I'm not Mo commented on Great Scott! What’s next for open innovation at LEGO? :

The idea sourcing strategy is a super smart way for LEGO to continue growing. Many people have learned design thinking. This crowdsourcing makes the ideation process much easier and more effective. Next challenge would be how LEGO brand position. If the company allow thousands of idea from the crowd, it would be challenging to create one message and strongly communicate to end customers.

Wow! How great it is if Nike can print me shoes that right fit my feet shape. This will be a revolution in the shoe industry! The idea of making the best shoe focuses on either performance or appeal. A competitor of Nike, Newbalance started the trend of different feet shape and thus sells 3 different tip size of shoes: Narrow, Normal, and Wild feet. With 3D printing, Nike may be able to produce the similar kind of product with a more variety. This is a true innovation in the shoe industry.

On November 15, 2018, I'm not Mo commented on Innovation through acquisition at General Mills :

The idea of quick growth through start-up acquisition within food industry intrigue me pretty much. Normally, we see more innovation acquisition in tech industry rather than consumer goods. One potentially reason is the cost of development and barrier to entry. However, General Mills shows us that there are many food-base start-ups. And there is a space for them to grow their innovation quickly. But as the article discuss cultural shift, companies that are acquiring need to align the goal between start-ups and the company. I think this is the area that we can learn from studying various acquired start-ups and how they run the businesses after being acquired.

Initially, I would think that machine learning will change the way human work entirely. Due to its sophisticated algorithm, machine learning seems to become more human. The way JP Morgan uses it is very smart. The document for credit evaluation is more repetitive and not so over complicated.

However, you raised a good point about types that machine learning should not touch. For example, in the sensitive area such as legal that could judge someone life or death, how should we consider replacing lawyers or judges with the machine? Or in a more closer to our life, would I put my child in a self-driving car alone for a short trip to another city? If there is anything happen, whom to blame?

On November 15, 2018, I'm not Mo commented on Deep Think at German Car Manufacturers :

In my opinion, you made the right point in terms of how a car company can acquire a significant amount of data. This is a huge technology barrier, and seems like partnerships around the world are fragmented. For the sake of development, should this global partnership be formed? This will generate a lot of data into the pool. With world-class computational effort, the development will be much faster.

In terms of the point you make about the demand, I’m quite confident that the demand for self-driving cars will be pretty high. One thing about blind-sight of demand estimation is that normally we may not know the real demand until we have put the product in place. For example, thinking back 15 years ago, would people admit that they can’t live without the internet? From this point of view, if there is a product in the market with a reasonable price, people will decide easily whether to buy or not. However, the next question would be, how much would such self-driving car be?

On November 14, 2018, I'm not Mo commented on To Infinity and Beyond – 3D Printing in Space :

I like your name.

I think 3D printing in the space will take humanity to another level of space exploration. One thing that I’d like to challenge the idea of space 3D printing forward is how could we manage space trash in the future. In the past, and still today, people make the best effort to calculate for whatever they send to space, wishing the best result does not go vain. However, if the 3D printer enables and encourages people to try more and more, the residues may fall onto earth. Worst come to worst, they may not completely combust during in the space and hit someone, or even my, house.

Potentially, the simplest answer would be attaching the 3D printer with a maneuverable space station.