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On December 14, 2015, HuiChan commented on Domino’s India – 30 min or free..creating the market :

Great post Apurv! The same guarantee also exists in Malaysia so I find it fascinating! Some immediate questions pop to my mind though – 1) Given the customer guarantee that is offered, how does Dominoes manage demand and inventory required to meet that demand? For example, how do they ensure that they have sufficient drivers on staff to manage the fluctuations in demand? I would also wonder how geography plays into this i.e. is there a specific type of location where this model works and if so, is there a limit to their expansion in India?

On December 14, 2015, HuiChan commented on Schindler – A Captive Audience? :

Elevators are a great business! If my memory serves me well – elevator “OEM”s essentially make most of their profit on the service and maintenance part of the business as evidenced by the increasing amount of outsourcing penetration in the industry, which is still far below automotive manufacturers, for example. However, as you point out, I do worry about the proliferation of 3rd party service providers particularly in countries with weak IP protection (China for example), and the margin pressure that results. I would imagine that in those cases the only protection would be regulation – in other words, legislation that requires OEMs to service the elevators due to safety requirements. Do you know if 1) this is a trend being observed in emerging markets and 2) how enforceable these regulations might be?

On December 14, 2015, HuiChan commented on Deliveroo: When Fine Food Meets Exceptional Logistics :

Love the choice of business. As a loyal deliveroo customer I think they have nailed the food-delivery market through a fantastic operations strategy – quite simply, food arrives so quickly that it is piping hot! As a customer I attributed this to the hyper-local model that they have adopted (as you point out) but had not realised that they are actually differentiated on supply chain. I do wonder how important geography is to their success – London is incredibly dense in terms of people/offices/restaurants – is there a limit to where they can operate profitably?