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On December 14, 2015, Henrik commented on Kiton: The Best of the Best +1 :

Enjoyed reading about Kiton! My friends in the industry (who seem like they know what they’re talking about) always mention Kiton as the benchmark for tailored perfection – interesting to learn more about how they specifically work towards that.

From a business perspective I’m curious what kind of financial performance they’re able to deliver…from my experience many fashion companies often worry less about the cost side of the business. It’d be interesting to learn how Kiton (and other brands) actually perform.

On December 14, 2015, Henrik commented on Celgene: A Winner in Biopharma :

I really enjoyed reading about Celgene, and with limited biotech experience this served as a helpful primer!

From reading the above I’m curious about what specifically about their R&D process allows them to outcompete its peers? From the Wyeth case discussion we heard that most large pharma/biotech probably have access to similar talent pools, but how they organise themselves and their processes could be a differentiating factor. It would be interesting to learn how Celgene’s specific approach to R&D may differ. If indeed the case, then this should be very scalable and it will be interesting to follow future acquisitions.

On December 14, 2015, Henrik commented on The misalingment of elections and representation :

Thanks for an interesting approach to the TOM question! I share some of the same thoughts as mentioned above, though without as many (or any) sources at hand…! Specifically though, whether there is data that shows the specific impact of campaign financing when controlling for other external factors as was mentioned above? Beyond anecdotal examples, my hypothesis would be that factors (e.g. education, political engagement/awareness) correlated with income could also explain some of the findings in Substantive Distortion measure described above. As such I wonder whether there might not be other factors to describe any misalignment.

In general though, the level of fundraising happening (whether effective or not) is probably detracting from higher priority issues and seems like a pretty expensive form of public education! And might the electorate be able to make an informed vote with less total campaign spend?

On December 14, 2015, Henrik commented on The Reese Group: Regional Appeal on a National Scale :

Very interesting read! Sounds like The Reese Group has found an attractive position as a leader in the regional CPG broker business. It seems to enjoy scale benefits compared to other independent brokers and avoids competing head to head with its national competitors by being better at serving regional brands.

It was interesting to read about the strength of these brands relative to NBEs. Are there specific ways that these brands can outcompete NBEs outside of home markets? And can The Reese Group’s operating model be leveraged here?

I was also wondering about how to manage turnover risk (if any?) of key employees given the flat and decentralized structure, and especially given the strong relationships between managers and brands. Is this risk to some extent mitigated by the increasing investments in technology development?