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On November 15, 2018, Haoran commented on Airbnb — Customizing Recommendations for Every Trip :

I am thinking of the balance between personalized product and improve efficiency. Some times there is a conflict between them, if we wanna a personalized design or customer service, it would cost us more time and resource. Your article opened a discussion towards this topic. I agree with you that Airbnb did a good job in using machine learning for customizing recommendations. This could also open a new solution to service industry and retail industry, which needs lots of labor on customer service.

Fantastic design, and quite interesting topic, Miss banana bread.
I like the design that the picture shows, it will make beer easy to open, and can be distinguished from others significantly on the shelf. For brand, it might start a new trend for beer bottle. However, the downside might be some heavy beer drinkers enjoy the feeling of opening beer bottle, which makes them feel ” this is real beer”. So I just wondering maybe a consumer survey could help on next step.
For the open question, I think Heineken can leverage its Innovators Brewhouse platform to innovate their 300 smaller portfolio brands. Since there is a big volume, they should think about a way to innovate several new product at the same time.

On November 15, 2018, Haoran commented on The Free Hand of Mickey Mouse & The Hobbyist Printer :

Fantastic topic about Disney!
About Disney’s position, I partly agree with you that Disney should work to position itself as a leader in the 3D toy printing world, because Disney do have advantage in toy world. But I am thinking about what is Disney’s competitive advantage in using 3D printing. Should they just outsourcing this part of business or just selling the IP to others? I think this is an interesting topic deserves more discussion.

On November 15, 2018, Haoran Chang commented on SenseTime and Public Safety :

Interesting topic, and great essay about AI and Sensetime.
I believe AI can be used in a good or bad way, which could benefit or hurt our sociey and human beings. While company has the responsiblity to use AI in a positive way. As you mentioned in the article, “By nature, AI is only a tool, it depends on whether the user uses it for good or bad causes.”
In terms of Ai using in public security issue, I personally think it should be used because public security is crucial for every single person. While I agree that this might hurt personal privacy. It should be very carefully when used in public.

Interesting topic!
Great essay to address the interesting topic.
I am curious about the credibility part. You mentioned that Credibility assessment was “highly tailored to the specific conspiracy theories found in the training set”. what specific theories are they? how to tailor it? I believe the credibility is a great challenge in making machine learning go on a commercial way on fake news judgement.

On November 15, 2018, Haoran Chang commented on When Chanel trades sewing machines for 3D printers :

Great essay about 3D printing changes fashion industry.
I agree with the idea that production can move closer to its customer base, allowing for a quick response against competition. I personally think this is really important for retail industry especially fashion industry.
As our consumers are increasly raising new requriement and personal standard to products, companies really need to think about how to satisfy our consuemrs. For fashion compaines, especially luxury product with a high price and high margin, personalized product can fit with the trend. In this context, 3D printing is a great way to match with the trend.
I also feel surprised with the speed that 3D printing brings in. On-demand production is essentially due to the fact that additive manufacturing allows to shorten time to market and to customize products. This could add advantage for using 3D printing.