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Interesting article! I had no idea open innovation was being used that way. One main concern I would have is how much access to data is Pfizer granting this ‘crowd’ and whether whatever they are coming up with is vetted by Pfizer.
As this is is a sensitive and highly critical topic, extra caution should be taken in adopting the open innovation topic in healthcare

Interesting article! I agree with your concluding question. Perfume is a very personal and intimate. I am not sure whether customers would appreciate that their 100$ bottle of perfume was made through a machine. I feel they would be put off by it. Maybe AI can be used to figure out what type of scent you are most likely to enjoy, and the actual refinement is man-made…

On November 13, 2018, Georges Badawi commented on Adding Value In Nike’s Production Line :

Interesting article! Additive manufacturing in the sport field, shoes specifically, has seen great progress over the past couple of years.
What would be interesting is to see whether these companies might even expand into allowing customers to customize their own shoes that are then printed a couple of days later.
The technology should be advanced enough, but I wonder whether that would be a lucrative business model

On November 13, 2018, Georges Badawi commented on Love in a Hopeless Place: Machine Learning at OkCupid :

Interesting article. With the mention of excessive data collection, especially in the avenue of online dating, the major concern is data protection. Recall a couple of years ago when Ashley Madison, an online website that connects married individuals with others looking for a “fling” was hacked. The hacked information was made public and led to huge scandal that affected multiple homes.
As OkCupid plans to collect even more data, it should ensure the data is safeguarded as it contains highly personal data.

On November 13, 2018, Georges Badawi commented on Using Open Innovation to Solve the Ocean Plastics Problem :

Great article! I was also not aware that the Plastic Bank existed. I would like to learn more about how the incentive/payment scheme works for the collectors. Proper tracking is often hard in the countries discussed in the article and making sure the right people are compensated .

On November 13, 2018, Georges Badawi commented on Wasabi Ginger Potato Chips- Betcha Can’t Have Just One? :

Great article! It is refreshing to read about the implementation of open innovation outside the realm of pure “technology”.
Innovation is innovation, whether implemented through billion dollar investments or through fast and cheap ideas (although innivation that leads to cricket protein bars should probably be terminated).
I think the question of R&D complacency with the prevalence of crowd-sourced innovation is very valid, and once that should be discussed even further as it is applicable across multiple sectors.

On November 13, 2018, Georges Badawi commented on 3D Printing Better Surgery at the Mayo Clinic :

Great article! It is interesting that you suggest outsourcing the development of the 3d printed model. My research into the area of bio-printing led to the same question.
Are doctors really expected to learn how to model and execute the drawings?
One other aspect is whether additive manufacturing for the purpose of surgery assessment is sustainable. Developments in the areas of Virtual Reality could potentially be a faster and eventually cheaper alternative.