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This was a fascinating article! I had no idea that globally this was such a major issue, I was expecting this article to focus on markets with cheaper access to drugs selling them in more expensive locals but counterfeit medicine is a scary phenomena. I wonder the key driver of this issue, is it mainly due to the fact the real medicines are expensive or hard to access and do you think it would be easier for companies like Genentech work to improve those two levers? Additionally, similar to many consumer goods (such as clothing) counterfeit fighting, I think the government should play a stronger role in educating the public that this is an issue and promoting regulation that acts as a barrier for it to occur.

On December 1, 2017, Gene E. Lectington commented on Let’s Talk Turkey: Cargill’s Blockchain Supply Chain of The Future :

I completely agree, I think as cyrptocurrencies largely remain a mystery to many outside of your top tier financial and agricultural institutions I think that these companies will need to think through how the value created through transparency and automation facilitated by blockchain will flow through to smaller producers espcially those is emerging markets. Additionally, I wonder what bias we may have being US-based in our knowledge of blockchains and what the implications may be on how it will effect international trade since it would allow players to skip the impact of exchanging global currencies.

On December 1, 2017, Gene E. Lectington commented on Pioneer of “Last-mile” Autonomous Delivery in China :

Amanda, I am also concerned with regulations as JD moves forward with autonomous delivery. As they continue to achieve success in China I wonder if the company will be incentivized to expand their business and technology outside of China in order to maximize the impact of its investments and business model.

On December 1, 2017, Gene E. Lectington commented on Tesla Motors: Beneficially Changing Our Climate? :

This is a great addition to the article Nicholas. I think Tesla leans on public perception of the environmental impact of EV versus gas and diesel but it is comforting to have data to support this. But this quick fact base and one of the comments made in the case make me question why Tesla has not published more materials to education on the impact as well as its own sustainability practices beyond its actual product.

On December 1, 2017, Gene E. Lectington commented on Lenovo: Utilizing the Cloud to Build the Cloud :

Great article, I think my biggest fear for Lenovo is the impact of some of its largest competitors investing in the technology to gather and act on data at scale, what additional levers will Lenovo be able to pull to remain competitive.

On December 1, 2017, Gene E. Lectington commented on Starbucks: Growing Sustainability One Cup at a Time :

I think you’ve nailed it on the head considering Starbuck’s massive scale. Your article reminded me of our IKEA sustainability case and would be interested in your take on whether you believe in the intention of their environmental objectives. I think that Starbucks largely uses sustainability as a marketing tool but your article presents a strong argument that these initiatives will be key for the actual continuation as a business in the long term.