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Thanks JP, great article! It is interesting to the process of how Merlin feeds the data, runs analysis and predicts target audience. This approach of machine learning reminds me of how online reading apps news feed, where algorithm pushes articles to readers based on their past preferences and viewing time. However, film production is indeed turning into almost making bets these days. With such big investments, it makes perfect sense to have a more accurate understanding of how return is going to look like. On the other hand, I would be interested in learning: similar to reading app news feed, would producing and recommending films largely based on audience preference limit their exposure to other genres, among which the audience might be interested in? Does it hurt the chances of the less mainstream movie production?

On November 15, 2018, DDS commented on Crowdsourcing as the Future of Secret Cinema :

Great article! I have been to a couple of immersive theatre shows and they were incredible experiences. Audience interaction is extremely important, the differentiating factor for immersive theatre experience, and that is why I think it makes perfect sense to crowdsource ideas. I would be interested in learning about how they are planning to implement open innovation when expanding to different geographic locations, especially areas without an existing fan base, as I believe this will take some enthusiasts to understand how it works and put in recommendations.

Great read! It is inspiring to see a breakthrough in 3D printing car components. I would agree that 3D printing would be a very attractive feature when it comes to customization and remanufacturing. I would be interested in learning about how BMW combines its internal R&D efforts with the many investments they are making in related start-ups, the timeline of when AM will be used in mass production and also their cost-benefit analysis on a decentralized manufacturing approach.

On November 15, 2018, EP commented on Wasabi Ginger Potato Chips- Betcha Can’t Have Just One? :

Interesting read! And it made me hungry at almost 1am. In Asia, there are lots of exotic Lays chips flavors, for example, cucumber, which I heard is massively popular but have not tried. I would be very interested in learning about how much these contests will involve the open innovation sources after the idea generation. Are they part of the R&D, marketing and feedback loop, or are the contests more of a marketing tool? How do the internal R&D make decisions in terms of screening and selecting these innovative flavors? How long do these flavors last?

On November 15, 2018, EP commented on 3D Printing Better Surgery at the Mayo Clinic :

Interesting read!! I completely agree with you on focusing on process improvement by converting a labor intensive model into a useable file format and automating it completely and outsourcing in the longer run. As an outsider to health care tech, one thing I would be interested in learning is safety to use and timeline, how far away are we from printing, for example, bones? To reach a large scale? To lower costs to a level that it is affordable to a vast majority? It really gives hope for patients who suffer from pain and save costs for hospitals, especially in developing countries, where health care resources are scarce. Great article!

On November 15, 2018, EP commented on D.E. Shaw: Double Down or Diversify? :

Interesting read!! As investment banks wipe out once crowded trading floors and lay off equity research analysts, this topic seems extremely relevant. Computers are taking over lots of jobs that require brain power. I would be very interested in learning about if firms like DE Shaw will run these strategies, quant, long short and long only as complete stand-alones, and how will they pitch these funds differently to investors when returns diverge one way or another.

On November 15, 2018, EP commented on Amazon Go: The Future of Retail? :

Interesting read! I would be very interested in learning 1) how this cashier-less store is actually operated, in terms of how they perform inventory management, logistics, account management, etc, and if any parts of the operational process is optimized by the use of machine learning or big data. 2) it will be interesting to see a full cost/benefit analysis on this topic. The change eliminated cashiers, however a lot of the convenient stores utilize self-check out, and the cashiers they employ also help out with logistics, which is still required by cashier-less stores on a daily basis; it also eliminated lines, which are not a huge problem at most of the convenient stores because the checkout throughput time should be quite minimal. Plus the loss of customer experience, I am not sure if this is a worthy transformation but having these technologies tested out will definitely benefit future innovations.