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On November 15, 2018, Emperor of Japan commented on Sidewalk Labs Crowdsources Citizen Input for New Toronto Waterfront Development :

great article! what better than taking into consideration input from people before working on the next big infrastructure and help solve some of the most common mobility issues. especially in developing countries, is not often easy to identify the priority projects one should tackle first.

On November 15, 2018, Emperor of Japan commented on Choosy: Give the People What They Want…To Buy :

I love this idea! indeed having customers influencing what clothes to produce is super interesting and can help reduce the unnecessary inventory if one manage to produce just the right quantity. not sure though how this concept can be combined with brick and mortar. maybe though 3D printing can be a solution to this.

On November 15, 2018, Emperor of Japan commented on Boeing: Making Metal 3D Printing take-off :

I love the idea of 3D printing for planes however I am a bit concerned how safe this will be. I would guess that planes would probably be one of the last items to be 3D printed. But definitely, having the ability to use 3D printing for planes, it could significantly reduce plane costs and therefore help revolutionize the industry once again.

On November 15, 2018, Emperor of Japan commented on The Beauty of Crowdsourcing :

very interesting article! it is indeed a quite challenging question how to use crowd sourcing for go to market ideas. possibly they could have people recommending them products and sending them samples which they could then brand and sell in the market. Crowd could then take the function of the R&D department. understanding what the consumers need and have the expertise to apply the right branding to market a product could help them be ahead of competition.

On November 15, 2018, Emperor of Japan commented on Canada: Flexport’s next AI-first office?  :

Very interesting read. Especially knowing that logistic costs are usually the biggest cost item for companies, Flexport could provide immediate benefits. I like your suggestion for Canada as the next hub but shouldn’t Flexport leverage some countries with more talent when it comes to engineering (like India) that have also cheaper labor? I think this could also help expand in Asia too with half the cost probably.

Very interesting article. I would be curius to see whether 3D printed food will have the same nutrients and taste as real food. if so, that would be a revolution in the industry! What do you think could be the new businesses resulting from this innovation?