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On December 14, 2015, Brighton Mudzingwa commented on From Passive to Active Road Traffic Management :

I agree that while dynamics traffic lights might be efficient in short-haul transportation lanes, they might be problematic over long-haul lanes. I also wonder to what extent other traffic control mechanisms such as round-abouts fit into the discussion. For one, I imagine other factors such as the population density or number of cars in an area might be a factor. Also, how doe this discussion change when you look at more rugged nations where there are a significant number of pedestrians on foot and thus increase the variability on the roads? Fascinating post, thanks for sharing.

On December 14, 2015, Brighton Mudzingwa commented on Camden City School District :

Thank you Kate for staying true to yourself and highlighting such an important topic. You eloquently make the case that the operating model is so flawed that it makes a winning business model but a dream. Your post made me wonder what effect the recent repulsion of the no child left behind policy will have on institutions such as the Camden City School District? Will it result in a perpetuation of the “throwing money on problems” phenomenon? Will the increased autonomy truly deliver more efficient operational models and consequently, winning business models in schools? Nonetheless, you are so brave for serving CCSD. I certainly hope you continue being just as brave after HBS and continue to serve. Bravo!

On December 14, 2015, Brighton Mudzingwa commented on NBC Bearings: Winning the most coveted quality prize in the world! :

It’s fascinating that the company managed to grow revenues in a shrinking industry by focusing on exports. Is that simply because the export market carries higher margins compared to the domestic market? Are there other factors at play, e.g. better import duty terms in the export markets? Also quite impressive that they pull off the focus on zero defects rates, which marries nicely with the proposition to the export consumer. Very interesting, thanks for shedding light on this firm.