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On November 15, 2018, Billy Ford commented on Machine learning and Tencent :

great post! I agree that people need to be careful about assuming too many benefits of machine learning, as it can only ever be as good as the data it is given

Great article! I wonder if this technology can be leveraged for additional areas of the military supply chain beyond maintenance. I would be interested to know if the Army is using AI to help optimize movement of supplies etc around the world or what other applications there may be for AI or machine learning.

On November 15, 2018, Billy Ford commented on Is Gucci’s Fad Shopper Dilemma a Predictive Analytics Opportunity? :

Great article! I feel that Gucci can leverage both creativity and data in their design process. I think a human driven approach makes most sense when trying to create an overall direction/perception of the brand, but analytics would be much stronger in deciding things like price points etc. so the company has to use both in order to succeed going forward

Great article! Absolutely agree that GE needs to divest this business due to their current situation. But I wonder whether they would want to keep this unit if they were not under such severe financial distress.

On November 15, 2018, Billy Ford commented on Alexa, What’s in my Wallet? Open Innovation at Capital One :

Great post! I think this is a super interesting area for larger more traditional banks to explore in an era of fintech, but I would be concerned about getting ahead of regulations. I worry about who is liable for any glitches or hacks that could arise from a product over which a bank does not have full control.

On November 15, 2018, Billy Ford commented on Future of Flight: Autonomous Aircraft? :

Great article! I personally would always want to have a human pilot at least available to take over at all times. But I also would not want a pilot without ADS-B available either. So I think rather than a substitute for pilots i view ADS-B as a complement and do not see fully autonomous aircraft becoming widespread in the near-term even if the technology has been developed.