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On December 9, 2015, Benny Cole commented on From Pinkberry to Crackberry: A success story :

That was quite a thrilling read Ranime! As somebody who loves frozen yogurt, I’m generally disappointed by the lack of variety offered by Pinkberry. Do you think there is a way that Pinkberry could maintain their low selection but also increase variety, through new flavor roll out every so often? I think this could help increase their growth and based on your write up I do not think there would be much more costs associated with doing this. Maybe we can discuss over some crackberry? :))))))

On December 8, 2015, Benny Cole commented on Chipotle: How non-real Mexican food became so successful :

As a chipotle enthusiasts I loved reading this posts. Do you think there is a way Chipotle could create a sustainable authentic Mexican fast casual restaurant chain? What are some of the difficulties in preparing food in a way that is true to Mexican culture that would change the way Chipotle must structure it’s business and operating model?

On December 8, 2015, Benny Cole commented on Volkswagen: how to destroy 30 billion dollars in a week :

Great post Simon. Do you think that the modular strategy could’ve worked if it was only done for either component manufacturing or assembly?

On December 7, 2015, Benny Cole commented on NIKE: Inspiring Athletes around the World :

Interesting post. Do you think there could be some synergies between the UFC and Nike once the Reebok deal has expired? Or do you think the UFC might be seen as too much of a blood sport?