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On December 1, 2017, Anonymous Fuego commented on Clever Ed Tech: Breaking Down Barriers :

Super insightful read, thanks for this. A couple of things which struck me while reflecting on this:

– How clever (could not resist a Greenstein pun) is the company being wrt to their cash burn? Do they have sufficient liquidity to meet their vision of being across every school in the United States?
– On a similar note, could there be a differential pricing scheme for public vs private schools or even across different countries? This might help improve the unit economics of the model and expand more aggressively to education systems which need the system the most.

On December 1, 2017, Anonymous Fuego commented on Tesla Motors: Beneficially Changing Our Climate? :

Thanks Scott. I definitely do not have enough data about Tesla itself, but all of Elon Musk’s ventures (Tesla, Space X, Solar City, Mars Mission) seem to have one singular vision – long term existence of the human civilization. I do agree that there is a need for Tesla to be the thought leader and ultra transparent of how they are working towards environmental sustainability.

I have been following this blog over the past few years and it articulates Elon Musk’s mission in simple, layman’s language:

On December 1, 2017, Anonymous Fuego commented on Impact of News Digitalization on Democracies :

This is extremely relevant in the present day context.

In my opinion, Google and Facebook have to take on a larger role not just to verify the quality of the content, but also the implications. There are live examples of how terrorist organizations like ISIS recruit actively through social media. Similarly paid online media website (aka fake news) have been know to polarize the most rational of communities leading to inhuman activities like riots and genocide. With the platforms the digital world provides, there is a need to be accountable on the effects of the impact on the offline world.

On December 1, 2017, Anonymous Fuego commented on Daimler Autonomous Truck – digitizing freight miles :

Great read Badar, thanks for sharing something insightful which I did not know anything about.

Was wondering about the future of autonomous trucks and the industry in the general to developing countries like India and Pakistan? How
“executable” is technology like this within poor infrastructure, roads and traffic. More importantly, what is the effect it will have on millions of people who’s livelihood depends on the local logistics sector?

On December 1, 2017, Anonymous Fuego commented on Checking Out Should Feel Like You’re Stealing :

Great read Mel!

Couple of questions which struck me while reading this:

– Do you think this would see a surge of partnerships with organizations/teams with offline retail expertise? That might actually be a respite folks who’s roles have been marginalized through digitalization?
– Are deep pockets + technology enough to see through the creation of omni channels? Are there firms which can challenge Amazon’s current market position via this route?

On December 1, 2017, Anonymous Fuego commented on Brexit vs. Tesco: Will Britain’s Largest Grocer Stand the Ultimate Test? :

Such a good read. Two thoughts which came to mind:

– Do you think TESO would look to vertically integrate and increase local production to reduce their supply on retailers?
– This is extremely relevant to not just Britain and TESCO, but as the world is moving towards exceedingly populist economies, it would be interesting to see how decade old organization react to this threat.