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Thank you for a great post!
I think that in general, the problem is not only the UK and Brexit. In the States, for example, Trump’s decisions and announcements regarding stricter visas policy have a negative influence as well. You brought a excellent question – I believe that it does reflect the failure of our society to adapt to a changing world. Further, if the UK’s and other big western countries’ populations won’t promote international cooperation – who will?

Super interesting article! Thank you! When you read in the news about Trump’s announcements you don’t really think about all the details. You did a great job with this example.
I feel that politicians have huge influence on the business world. The fact that every several years a new leader is elected causes instability. I think that having a policy is good, but not enough – you need to have a long lasting policy.
A bigger question that should be asked is whether it’s good to focus only on your own country’s benefit or should every country, and particularly the big western ones, should think about what’s good the entire world’s population.
If these countries don’t do it, who will?

On November 24, 2017, Anat commented on Nike: Leading the Path to Fighting Climate Change :

This article mentions several interesting facts about Nike’s sustainable activity. Mainly, it’s interesting to read how the company uses various solutions along the value chain. I know that there is a word limit, but I would love to learn also about the competitors’ activities, and generally get a wider perspective of sustainability in this industry. For example, what do governments do to support sustainable activities? Is there a relevant regulation?

On November 24, 2017, Anat commented on God Save the Bean! :

I truly enjoyed reading your article!
I loved the fact that you brought a wide perspective and thought about the consequences along the entire supply chain – both consumer and people who rely on coffee for their livelihoods. I also loved your personal Italian point of view 🙂
This topic remained me a lot our IKEA case. I do agree that Illy must raise consumers’ awareness on the topic and give higher visibility of its sustainability strategy. I think that doing so might bring individuals and other players in the private sector to seek for solutions.
Two questions that I wondered about were how will eventually technology play a part in the solution, and will we see a new and surprising substitutes for coffee?

Super interesting article! funny that you wrote about planes 🙂
I remember that several years ago 3D printing was this buzz word that everybody used, but there weren’t many actual applications.
It is interesting to see how Boeing succeeded to integrate the use of 3D printed parts in its planes, and by doing so provided a solution to so many challenges that this industry is facing.
In your last sentences you asked about the consumer and about other ways to cut cost. I wonder how will the use of 3D printed parts change this industry – will Boeing become a vertically integrated player? What will happen to its supplier? And what is their reaction today?

Thank you for a very interesting article. Generally, I think that we can see today that most digitization solutions are B2C applications. The construction world is mostly B2B, and definitely a lot can be done.
I love the fact that you recommended to invest in solutions that will increase workers’ safety. The construction industry has a high rate of fatal accidents, and I believe that it’s more important than saving money (though less accidents will also save money).
I wonder who will be the leader of the digital transformation in this industry – will it be someone from within it or an outsider?