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On April 13, 2020, Sarkis commented on Racial Bias in Healthcare Algorithms :

This is a great article! One thing I struggle with understanding is whether its possible to satisfy two objectives at the same time. That is – by accounting for racial bias, can you at the same time ensure the overall accuracy of the algorithm and vice versa? If mathematically these two conditions aren’t guaranteed to be satisfied by the same algorithm, how do you think about the tradeoffs we are willing to make?

“Is a high degree of “fear of failure” necessary to get the most out of training?” – That is such an interesting way of looking at this! This suggests to me of their is a virtue of bravery that maybe inseparable from the marine corps experience. The ability for those to overcome their shortcomings is achieved by facing your greatest fears and weaknesses. Analytics may substitute away the need to cultivate that virtue of bravery and thus substitute from what it means to be a marine. The counter to perhaps consider is maybe analytics pushes the line forward and that with its adoption more will be expected from candidates in an already rigorous recruiting process.

On April 13, 2020, Sarkis commented on What if companies could monitor your concentration? :

This is very interesting. I wonder what these tools actually help students learn. Are you learning to focus better or learning how to demonstrate to the tracker that you are focusing? Put another way, what happens to these students when they take the tracker off – will they be able to maintain the gains in concentration they exhibit while wearing the tracker or do they sort of become dependent on it?