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On April 15, 2020, Haerin Lee commented on Video Interviews with AI: Better for gender equality? Or worst? :

Thanks for writing! I also was imagining myself interviewing with an AI. I agree with the problem that this AI interviewing is trying to solve (reduce bias), but also agree with you that it could be a more frustrating process for the interviewers. One way to solve this could be by offering the candidates to getting used to the video interviewing systems.

On April 15, 2020, Haerin Lee commented on FemTech: Women’s Heath, or Women Surveillance? :

Thank you Britanny, it was an interesting read! I can’t agree more with you. I think the information that Ovia is collecting is not just regular-health data, but it’s more of the employee’s life itself. Why would an employee reveal the critical life decisions, like pregnancy or abortion, to her employer?

On April 14, 2020, Haerin Lee commented on Humans versus robots: When we take performance tracking too far :

Thank you for your thoughts, Meg! I’m also very concerned about how they use this technology. One other context that makes this technology even worse is Amazon’s warehouse policy. There is a quitting bonus for warehouse employees, which is a one-time payment starting from $2000 with an increase of $1000 up for each year the employee stays with the company until it reaches $5000. The thing is, Amazon opens up the quit window once in every year, right after the peak winter season, and those who accept this quit offer can never work at Amazon again (even as a part-timer).

So I think what happens is that they track down the low-performers, and instead of giving them a proper training or other chance, they soak out those low-performers right after the peak season and replace them with new hires with starting salary.