Effective retention program in a center of ophthalmology

Effective retention program needed to retain staff

The Dutch health care industry is facing shortages in many different positions. Especially in the field of qualified nurses. But also for optometrists, OR assistants and opthomologists there are more vacancies than candidates. Qualified staff can littery work everywhere. Our challenge is both to retain our current staff and to recruit new colleagues. In the Dutch health care industry a collective labor agreement is limiting posibiilities of higher payments. What are effective ways to retain staff? Should there be different compensation packages for different level of employees?


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  1. Hi Tom. We struggle with the same issue in our system. I am not sure this would translate to the Netherlands, but in our practice we offer a very strong benefits package. Our salary is comparable to the rest of the market, but our benefits are better. We fund their entire health care plan (again, may not apply to you) and offer a profit-sharing plan (like a pension). These days, when staff will change jobs for a $.25/hour raise, most have found that our benefits offer much greater overall value.

  2. Some suggestions :
    Attractive salary and benefit schemes that are in line with industry, but more importantly all employees should have a complete understanding of these.
    Instilling a sense of belonging in employees via family programmes, inter divisional activities
    Involving employees in company wide decisions where possible for e.g considering feedback from all employees on length of maternity leave, possibility of flexible working hours etc
    Boost Job satisfaction by ensuring high productivity (provide training etc.)
    Open door policies that ensure employees are heard at all levels.

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