Patient flow from ER to the wards does not flow

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My organizations is a non-profit specialist care (secondary and tertiary care) hospital consisting of four main hospitals and smaller satellites. Three of the main hospitals have and ER treating multidisciplinary patients and primary care patients needing acute care or care […]

Advanced Scope Clinics

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Advanced scope clinics: Do they hit the 'sweet spot' of quality care, patient satisfaction, timely intervention, employee satisfaction and at a reduced cost??

No Show Rate

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Our no show rate is high in primary care and mental health (17-22%) relative to other healthcare systems within VHA. We are not allowed to charge the patient for not showing up to their appointments and are required to re-schedule their appointments within 30 days.

Should We Create a Cardiovascular IPU?

We are considering transforming our hospital-based Heart Institute into a truly integrated practice unit for cardiovascular disease. The fundamental challenge is to fully integrate the finance, administration, and clinical care of two of the highest performing departments in our hospital.