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Student comments on Re-imagining AR Management and Debt Collections

  1. Gregorio, thanks for this insightful piece. I was impressed how much AI has been able to achieve in a field that was traditionally thought of as high-tough and therefore hard to automate. From reading your piece, I got the impression that the current solutions are using data analysis to figure out which borrowers are the “low hanging fruits” – debtors that are easier to deal with. I would assume there is a segment of borrowers with a low willingness to pay and thus require more human interaction. Perhaps there is an area where human workers are still needed? Could there be a model in which AI analyzes the borrowers and tells humans which borrowers to talk to and let humans handle the talking part? Taking it a step further, there could even be a scenario in which AI is advanced enough to come up with rough talking points or negotiation strategy. Human just need to add a slight human touch and deliver the talk.

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