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Student comments on Kanga – Creating the Ultimate Destination for Gaming Fans

  1. I think this is a fascinating application of data analytics that is at the frontier of our technical capabilities. There is active work in building AI that can analyze and compete in real-time strategic software games (such as league of legends or DOTA). Leveraging this work and ongoing research on computer vision is a very clever way to process unstructured data such as videos or streams.

    It’s interesting how kanga is using their algorithms for discovery. I think there will be ample opportunity in the future as the volume of data explodes. Curating the content that is produced and providing “highlights” seems to be a valuable service for customers who are facing an increasingly large choice set of how they spend their leisure time on the internet. For example, streamers will often do multi-hour/day events – having a service that identifies the key moments and creates short compilations would be of value for both content producers and consumers.

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