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We would like to welcome you to the Fall 2015 Digital Innovation and Transformation Course at HBS. Over the next four months we are going to be exploring the ins and outs of how digital technologies are transforming business and operating models for companies in diverse industries.  The course is organized in the following five modules:

Module 1 – The Challenge of Digital Innovation

Nest, Google Car, Samsung, SAP – Cloud

Module 2 – Defining and Launching a Digital Business Model

Facebook, 3D Systems, Qihoo, SF Express, Network Effects Simulation

Module 3 – Competing with Data and Analytics

TSG Hoffenheim, BandPage, Aspiring Minds, Podium Data, P&G

Module 4 – Managing Digital Crowds

OpenIDEO, TopCoder, Prodigy, Elance-Odesk

Module 5 – Driving Digital Transformation

Nokia, Havas, GE & Industrial Internet

Our students will be discussing, debating and collectively learning about how different companies are responding to these challenges.  We are looking forward to interacting with our students online and in the classroom.  We also look forward to participants from outside of HBS to contribute to our conversations.

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