Cogito – AI for a Better Human Customer Service Experience

Cogito uses real-time emotional intelligence software that incorporates AI and machine learning to analyze voice calls and assist call centers to better engage with their customers.

Cogito uses real-time emotional intelligence software that incorporates AI and machine learning to analyze voice calls and assist call centers to better interact with their customers in addition to that evaluate and enhance their representatives’ performance. It’s very challenging to understand or read human emotions, which makes it hard to communicate with clients and to satisfy customers, especially on the phone. MIT Media lab spinoffs like Affectiva and Cogito are focusing on applying principles of Behavioral science to analyze complex human emotions and assist companies to improve their services and predict consumer behavior.

Cogito uses artificial intelligence to improve emotional connection for customer service calls, the software acts as a meter to predict how the call is going and assist agents to adapt and adjust their tone during the call. The software’s algorithm analyzes the conversation between the representatives and customers, as it monitors different aspects and the dynamics of the call such as:

–    Speed, pauses, and volume of the conversation between agents and customers.

–    Record the transcript of the call and detect keywords being used by customers.

–    Measures the compassion and fatigue in agent’s voice

–    Measures the tone and interruptions.

Value Creation/Capture:

Currently used by major companies like CareFirst, MetLife, and Zurich, Cogito adds value to its customers by providing more efficient phone conversations to improve their customer satisfaction rating. Cogito capture value by charging for the software subscription in addition to an annual maintenance service, the pricing model varies by industry and application.

The software has an easy to use and simple interface, while analyzing the human behavior over the course of the call the software gives a dynamic score between 1 and 10 that changes consistently, If the software detected an issue, it will make a recommendation to the agent in the form of text message on the screen, to assist in the situation, for example, it may suggest showing more empathy or adjust their tone to build a better connection with customers. Cogito software provides live guidance for agents and a real-time measure of customer experience and  keeps a scored record for all calls, so companies can use it to predict and evaluate their agent’s performance. In addition to that, the real-time interface helps supervisors to monitor all active calls and alert them if the agent need help or give them the option to intervene or switch the call to another agent, in case of a customer having a poor experience.

On the other hand, the data collected by Cogito helps the software to be more efficient and smarter over time, the company’s systems will learn to identify more complex emotions, to be able to accurately predict conflicts or tense situations.

Cogito advertises that by using their product, companies can reduce their handle time by 10% while increasing their first call resolution by 16% and 14% increase in their customer satisfaction. As the company grows and succeed in proving the efficiency and productivity of AI and behavioral science in the customer service industry, will we see more applications emerging across other industries?


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