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When war is more famous (?!) than your country

In playing with Craiyon I initially wanted to create a picture of Romania or of my home town.. to see how well the AI is able to create something so familiar to me… but maybe the tool was overused or the search was too difficult as not even in 10 searches Craiyon could not produce an image for me. So thinking of home, my mind went so easily to the war and surprise… after typing in “war in winter” I very quickly got an image

I will give Romania another try … but I am not keeping my hopes up anymore..


To Be or Not to Be


AI for fashion advice?

Student comments on Alert! Too much traffic. Please try again in 15 sec (x20 by now)

  1. That’s a really unfortunate result! As an international myself, this made me curious and decided to give Craiyon another shot — this is what I learned:
    *For both of my home countries, as well as Romania, it just gave me “creative” variations of the national flag.
    *For home cities, and Bucharest, it gave me a city building that looks sort of like it belongs but it’s not really the actual one there.

    So I guess the final result is that the tool was under too much traffic before, and we both get underwhelming (but something?) to reminisce home 🙂

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