AI Limitations: “There’s No Place Like Home”

Although AI has made its way into our smart homes, will it ever be able to fully grasp that a home is built on love and dreams?

Prompt: “There’s No Place Like Home”

I leveraged the famous quote from Dorothy Gale in Wizard of Oz (1939), “There’s No Place Like Home”. This phrase has become a common aphorism over the years, associated with much more than just the Wizard of Oz. Today, it has come to mean having a yearning for one’s home over any other place. The underlying significance of this phrase is that home is where one feels most loved and comfortable.

Results: Sterile Isolation

At the very least, I had expected Craiyon would recognize the quote and conjure images of the Wizard of Oz. My high hope was that Craiyon would produce an attempt at grasping the joy and comfort of a cozy, loving home. Instead, the results were uneasy, unpleasant images of isolated, rural homes. It’s clear that AI has quite a way to go in interpreting human emotion and nuance:


Concrete vs. Abstract?


Religious AI

Student comments on AI Limitations: “There’s No Place Like Home”

  1. This is interesting! Shows you the limitation of AI. I found the 2nd and 6th pictures interesting – seems like there are people in those pics. The AI made some connection between a home and people, but clearly did not do a good job.

  2. Interesting choice! Also surprised that Craiyon did not pick up the source of the quote (guess I expected too much after reading about IBM Watson). It does seem like AI tends to focus on specific, concrete words when the quote has broader meaning. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. I find it fascinating how we have diversity of color, but not diversity of home type/style… also, these homes seem to be a bit more abandoned than lived it… so might be more houses than homes?! ….

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