AI for Interior Design?

AI has grown more powerful. Could we leverage it to design better spaces for ourselves?

I’m constantly looking to TV and social media for ideas on how to decorate the spaces I live in (including my dorm on campus). This panel was generated by typing “cozy dorm rooms” into Craiyon. AI generated art has been in the news lately. Could professionals in creative spaces like interior decorating leverage AI to help clients? Is there a risk that AI home decorators could eventually take their jobs?


To Be or Not to Be


Text to Image AI – what the future holds?

Student comments on AI for Interior Design?

  1. Hi Julien! I think you shared an important question regarding AI as a potential sustitution for a profession. I particularly think that design is one area where there are vast opportunities to customize according to each person’s preferences, for that reason, I believe it might be difficult to replace in the near term a person’s creativity for the output of a machine, but with the constant progress of technology, it might happen in the long-term.

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