AI for Creative Ideas?

Can artificial intelligence really help artistic creations and brainstorm in a creative way?

I’m curious to see how Craiyon helps people brainstorm new ideas when they get stuck in creation. I want to see if it can regenerate artwork and styles that apply to different unrelated objects. I tried to use Craiyon to generate Monet style for a spaceship and Rothko style for a chair. However, it had a hard time understanding the concepts I was offering. It could quickly capture the apparent lexical meaning, showing only the artist’s painting, barely seeing the shape of the spaceship in Monet’s painting, but still showing it as a separate object, while the chair was not even in Rothko’s painting. This seems to be a limited interpretation of creative cues by AI, which has a hard time accepting creative ways of thinking, and this does not help much in the generation of creative ideas. I am wondering if AI generators will be able to replace human art and design in the future. Or will it be a tool to facilitate creation?


A cat on the pizza: what more to capture?


To Be or Not to Be

Student comments on AI for Creative Ideas?

  1. It’s very interesting that the AI only depicts the spaceship as a separate object and does not even show the chair! It made me think about what elements of the text the AI picks up and whether it depends on the order of the text. I tried reversing the order (putting in “spaceship in claude monet style” and “chair in mark rothko style” and the results seem to be closer to what I had in mind 🙂

  2. That’s an interesting approach Feifei. I have to admit I am not an expert in art at all but I was wondering in the past whether Artificial Intelligence could take over the innovative thinking part for humans. If I translate this approach to the business world I am wondering whether a sophisticated algorithm might one day actually be able to suggest new ideas and business models for us. When I visualize this, it is certainly super exciting but also quite scary.

  3. Creative inputs Feifei! I wonder what caused this issue – is it because Craiyon doesn’t have all the data inputs about these artists? Also, I would suggest you try the Dall-E 2 model again, I believe it should have better results!

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