Netflix: Your Data, Your Show, Your Experience

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Netflix has been the poster child of combining data-driven growth with creative choices. At its core, the Netflix big data approach to media has resulted in more personalized entertainment experiences for subscribers and better creative decision making.

Grubhub – Revolutionizing the food-ordering landscape

Grubhub – the leading online and mobile food-ordering company, with 8.2million active diners and 50,000 restaurants in its network across 1,100 cities – is redefining the way people order food. Insights from significant amount of data generated is helping the company refine the food-discovery process for its diners, i.e. right food at the right time at the right price. On the other hand, the restaurants are able to optimize their delivery footprints, pricing and online profiles. Let’s see how Grubhub does all of this.