GoodRx or GreatRx?

GoodRx is taking the healthcare industry by storm. In an industry that relied on trade secrets to thrive, GoodRx in employing a unique digital platform strategy to increase price transparency to end customers. What makes them click?

WeChat – The One App That Rules Them All

Introduced as a messaging app in 2011 by Tencent, WeChat has evolved into lifestyle platform for users in China. With ~850 million monthly active users, it now offers to its users what Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Venmo, Grubhub, Amazon, Uber, Apple Pay, etc. together offer in the West. The blog discusses how WeChat has used the strong network effects to emerge as the one app that rules them all.

Upwork: Connecting Freelancers to Gigs On-Demand

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Upwork connects freelancers with remote work on-demand. As a two-sided platform, Upwork built and scaled both its freelancer and employer client base. With indirect network effects, this platform captures value by serving as a connector, facilitating matching, communication, and payment.

Crowdsourcing your Day

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TaskRabbit is a two-sided crowdsourced marketplace model that connects TaskPosters, people who need help completing tasks to Taskers, people who are willing to complete the tasks. How it Works: TaskPoster posts a job and is able to view 3 contractors […]