Wikipedia, the Father of Crowdsourcing

Wikipedia can probably be said to be the father of internet crowdsourcing. Building on a non-for-profit business model, Wikipedia launched a free, web-based, multilingual and collaborative encyclopedia in 2001. Aiming to be “The sum of all human knowledge in one place” […]

Gogobot – The New Yelp?

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Gogobot is the go-to place for personalized recommendations for the best places to eat, sleep, drink or explore.  Have a few hours to kill in a new location and want to experience the best local spots? Gogobot may be your […]

The next crowdsourcing battleground: your car

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The true consumer value to be unlocked in the automotive industry no longer lies in hardware. To explore the vast possibilities of integrating vehicles into internet of things, boosting in-vehicle infotainment systems and increasing safety with data usage, automakers should use the collective wisdom of the crowd in developing their software.

Waze, or how to crowd-source your way

From a modest Israeli start-up to one of the highest valuation during its acquisition by Google, Waze embodies the success of crowdsourcing ventures, and allows for a much cheaper method of data collection than that used by major corporations – like Waze’s new mother company, Google.