BlaBlaCar – Disrupting road travel by Trusted carpooling

BlaBlaCar – the RyanAir of Road – has built a community of 40 million users around trustworthy carpooling. Born in Paris and already proved its worth in Europe, BlaBlaCar is now expanding to emerging markets as it provides last minute travel options and cost savings for both riders and passengers. This blog highlights how BlaBlaCar has disrupted road travel.

Netskope – Protecting Cyber Data Using Data

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Founded in 2012, Netskope is a cyber security company based in Los Altos, CA. Categorized as a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), the company offers a suite of software solutions to help mid-sized businesses and large enterprises gain visibility and […]

Hybrid Cloud, What’s Next?

EMC began in 1979 as a reseller of memory chips. Through strategic acquisitions and in-house innovation, EMC now offers data storage, information security, cloud computing, Big Data analytics and virtualization that enable small, medium and large businesses to store, manage, protect and analyze data.

Ambarella: An ‘Under-The-Radar’ Winner In The Age Of Digital Video

Digital video creation and consumption has exploded over the last few years and is expected to continue expanding over the next decade. One company which has successfully leveraged this growth in digital video but remained relatively under-the-radar is the semi-conductor firm, Ambarella. The company has been able to 'win' in this environment of digital video through a combination of superior video processing technology, relevant product offerings and relevant market timing.