Hospital Sírio Libanês: AI during the covid crisis

Brazil was and still is one of the countries most impacted by the covid-19 pandemic. Many days in April of 2021 still had death tolls of around four thousand. Sirio Libanês, a top-tier hospital in Brasil, decided to use AI to help reduce the strain on hospital capacity, but also had to navigate the challenges of having a small data science team.

ChenMed: Preventative, Capitated Care to fight COVID-19

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Corona virus has impacted the lives of many but is especially risky for seniors. As the COVID-19 pandemic impacts the US, primary care physician offices need to overhaul their fee for service models. ChenMed is a leader in the market. Their capitation model already supports their high risk patients but they can further benefit seniors by leveraging their high tough telephonic “love calls” to inform predictive analytics around the healthcare and lifestyle needs of their patients.

Yes Health: Can AI help diabetes patients improve their fitness?

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As anyone who’s ever tried dieting knows, “eating healthy” is usually easier said than done! Yes Health is an app that uses AI to make it easier for overweight patients to track nutritional intake and to offer real-time, highly personalized health suggestions. Can Yes Health carve out a sustainable and profitable niche in the $35B+ digital diabetes care industry?

Zocdoc: The Yelp for Medicine?

The Zocdoc platform has helped to increase transparency and ease accessibility within the healthcare industry, a space that lags behind most other industries in those areas. In doing so, Zocdoc has opportunities to further expand its offering to continue to benefit doctors, patients, insurers, and its own business interests; however, given the unique dynamics of the healthcare industry, there are significant barriers to Zocdoc that will continue to make platform ubiquity challenging.

Zocdoc: A two-sided platform charging one side

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Zocdoc connects patients with healthcare providers. It recently adjusted its pricing structure for several markets to attract new physicians to the site. However, Zocdoc must balance the fee structure of its existing physician base with new account acquisition.