Udemy: Taking Advantage of a New Normal

Udemy has undeniably been one of the few companies that directly benefitted from the unprecedented times we are living in. They managed to take advantage of new digital opportunities in the e-learning space by combining a winning business model with an increasing focus on new customer segments.

BYJU’S: Creating Classrooms for Tomorrow

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Byju’s, a $10B Indian EdTech startup has emerged as a clear winner during the COVID-19 pandemic. While most of the online education platforms saw large growth in FY20, Byju’s has captured major chunk of the market share through its innovative tech products and aggressive acquisition strategy.

Duolingo – Learning the language of AI

Perhaps the most common new year resolution (behind losing weight) is learning something new- maybe a new language. As with losing weight, the resolve to learn a new language rarely outlives January. Duolingo, backed by AI, is here to make sure that you don’t require the earth to complete a revolution around the sun to engage in learning a new language or require as much effort!