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Interesting post Julia! I agree that TripAdvisor is currently a great winner and enjoy some great network effects. However, sometimes when networks get too many people on it, it actually loses some of its reliability. I hear recently more and more voices claiming that they cant trust TripAdvisor anymore, and that people are looking for alternatives and rely on recommendations only from people they can trust. Do you think this trend will continue and create a real risk for TripAdvisor?

Thanks for the post! I agree that the sustainability is the main pain point here – I wonder what happens after the 12 weeks and how do you keep the hype. One suggestion I would have is to expand her product to other areas in order to make it stickier – maybe thinking about complementary diet programs, or using the app to sell some workout equipment.

On February 2, 2017, YaelS commented on Mark 43: Redefining Law Enforcement in a Mobile World :

Thanks for this post Ellen! From what I know, Mark43 has been able to get additional clients, one of the first ones was the police department in DC. This was a great win as it is considered as one of the most complicated departments, and if they can do it there, they can do it anywhere. While I agree it is challenging to sell to governments, two things Mark43 were doing that I thought were helpful: First, get a local champion – they were able to engage one of the leading officers in the station and used her to sell their product from within. Second, they started by giving the software for free – once they got in, they used the stickiness of the product and were able to monetize it.