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Fantastic read Snigdha! Taking a step back, I was curious about how extremely specialized this approach seemed to be (eg, unlike what we saw with the dental case, this is focused on a single type of issue). While you mentioned horizontal expansion in their future, did you find any way they’re setting up the organization now to set themselves up for success?

On April 17, 2022, Sutton G commented on Mya Systems :

Great piece Adela! I was curious as to who you thought was their target customer? Are they aiming at bigger companies with more to gain from the process, but also potentially more entrenched HR organizations that would resist this, or small companies, with the idea being hoping that one in every hundred do become large?

On April 17, 2022, Sutton G commented on Etsy: Keeping Commerce Human…with AI :

Great post Alex. I’ve used Etsy before back in 2014, and back then it seemed to have the same problem that we saw with Twiggle, where “popular” searches that i wasnt interested in dominated the search category as they were tangentaly related. Good to see them fixing this by fundamentally re-approaching the way they solved that problem

On March 27, 2022, Sutton G commented on SF Express: Blockchain Logistics with Big Data :

A very interesting read that tackles the unattractive side of a lot of big data: verifying the veracity of the data you collect. Most of what they were doing appeared to be focused on the data management side, I wonder if they have any ways of also preventing data manipulation in person, eg. tampering with the sensors that form the base of the system?

On March 27, 2022, Sutton G commented on Transit-ing Big Data :

Given their work with public agencies, what is Transit doing to prevent copycats from stealing the core underpinning value proposition? As public entities, can the agencies sign exclusive deals with them?

Great article! Currently, gambling is heavily taxed and/or restricted due to it’s status as a “vice” industry. Is there any thinking about how companies that are restricted in such a way should be limited in the way they can use data? The FCC currently restricts many industries such as alcohol or cigarettes’ on the ways and formats they can advertize, and was wondering if people were starting to think the same about data collection and marketing

On March 6, 2022, Sutton G commented on Roll 20: Bringing the Tabletop to Desktop :

Great observations Heili. To your point on consolidation, I think the small size of the overall addressable market is the main constraint, as even though Roll20 has some monetization, it’s not a terrific amount. Additionally, I would wonder how willing WoTC would be to partner with hasboro, as they are more direct competitors? Your point on overall users is great, and I wonder how anyone would begin to get that data. Starter kits really only tell the story of how many DMs there are, and since WoTC made the players handbook free online (a move made to lower barriers and attract users, in a way it’s own platform), they lose out on more robust data on how many people are playing

On March 6, 2022, Sutton G commented on Glassdoor: Viewing the Workplace Differently :

Great read Heili! Curious as to what you think about the boundary between Glassdoor (private) and Government (public) legislation? I know that Colorado has recently made job postings required to post salaries, and I could see that pro-worker legislation being the long term trend over our lives. In theory, said legislation removes value from Glassdoor, and distributes it. In such a circumstance, how does Glassdoor think of said laws?

On March 6, 2022, Sutton G commented on Honor of Kings: Not just a game platform :

Great article Serrino. You mentioned that compared to other MOBA’s, HoK has significantly lower barriers to entry, potentially adding value and making it more popular. Do you know how they did that? Are there fewer characters/mechanics to master? And if so, does that lead to players becoming “bored” with it faster?

On March 6, 2022, Sutton G commented on Substack: Raising Up Newsletters to Business Relevance :

Great to read! You indicated that to make thier model work, substack gives up tradtional network-effects. You’ve also indicated how other platforms are taking advantage of this fact. Given thier brand and their mission, how do you think substack will respond?

On February 13, 2022, Sutton G commented on Enabling the World of Digital Work: ServiceNow :

Very interesting. Would love to see even more of how they’ve differentiated themselves from their competitors. The Gartner chart showed them in full white space, but if we picked different dimensions would they not look as special?

On February 13, 2022, Sutton G commented on Skillshare: inspiring discovery through creativity :

Other question related to Heili’s: How does Skillshare’s “vetting” process look if the company decides to move into more controversial topics? For example, would an aromatherapy “expert” be allowed on the platform? Who decides what IS and ISNT a legitimate skillset, and how is that transparently shown?

On February 13, 2022, Sutton G commented on Duolingo: Disrupting the Language Learning Industry :

Great read. Other than the changes to testing requirements, and overall improved functionality of the AI, what specific steps has/could duolingo take to ensure that the increases in performance that they saw during the pandemic are further sustained?

On February 13, 2022, SG commented on TikTok but the Party Don’t Stop, No :

Great read! Whenever anyone mentions TikTok, I always like to think of why Vine, a very similar service, didn’t work out and eventually went out of business, while doing the same thing TikTok did but earlier. Do you think 2016 was just too early? Or did the pandemic forcing us all inside give TikTok the boost it needed to bring it into cultural relevancy?