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On May 2, 2020, Ulunma commented on Barry’s: Bringing the Red Room to the Living Room :

Great post! I know little about fitness and exercise but this looks very interesting. I will have assumed this will be very difficult to replicate virtually. I wonder if this has introduced a new business model that will continue post-Covid. Thank you for sharing

On May 2, 2020, Ulunma commented on TAL: Online Education Transformation in Covid 19 :

Great post! The online education industry has been growing significantly in the last decade. I agree with you that Covid-19 has further fueled the growth and demand for online education. I believe this trend will remain as investments move into the sector to improve the customer experience.

On May 2, 2020, Ulunma commented on TELADOC – Has telemedicine finally gone mainstream? :

Great post! I agree with you that Teladoc is here to stay. Digitization has been revolutionizing key sectors, including retail and financial services, and that trend has started in the healthcare sector. As a market leader, Teladoc is strongly positioned, however, the Big Tech are looking closely at this space, suggesting increasing competition

On April 21, 2020, Ulunma commented on Hello Barbie – AI Making Children’s Dreams Come True :

Thank you for sharing this article. I find it very interesting. I have a four year old daughter and am sure she will appreciate a talking Barbie. I think with evolution of technology, the children entertainment industry has launched quite interesting toys and games to keep children entertained. Like in many cases, kids end up being glued to a screen and in this case a Barbie doll, limiting interaction with people and the things around them, which in my opinion is better for the development of a child. However, I know that once my daughter hears about this talking doll, am going to have to buy one for her!

On March 24, 2020, Ulunma commented on ZUBALE – Revolutionizing retail execution in LatAm :

Great Article! This is a very interesting business model. I think ZUBALE choosing to focus on a narrow segment of the market, retail execution, is a great decision. They are able to leverage the experiences on the founders and create a value proposition that is unique to consumer companies. I am not sure if Mexico is like other emerging market, where informal retail is big part of retail. If it is, I can understand how strong the value proposition is for consumer companies, who may find it expansive to expand into less dense cities

On March 24, 2020, Ulunma commented on RateSetter – Australia’s disruptive P2P lender :

Great article! There has been a rise in fintech businesses that offer retail customers seamless access to loans. I have been very worried about the scalability and the sustainability of this model, given the high NPL ratios of this type of business models. A look into the NPL ratio of RateSetter may be very telling about the sustainability of this company. Nevertheless, it is quite impressive that are underwriting up to AUD$750M.

On March 24, 2020, Ulunma commented on A “Plaid”form worth paying (a lot) for :

Your article is very interesting. I have not hear of Plaid. I am so surprised that banks are willing to share there customer data with Plaid, did Plaid offer them some value? What did the banks gain from this relationship? Also, following the acquisition by Visa, I wonder how banks will react to sharing more customer data with Visa rather than an independent third party.

On February 11, 2020, Rubby commented on Stitch Fix – Fashion’s Most Innovative Retail Company :

Great article! I think stitch fix has a strong value proposition. However, with the rise of Instagram as a shopping platform, where you have access to large suite of fashion designers and can identify designers that appeals to one’s taste. I wonder if the fashion industry is becoming too saturated and becoming increasing difficult to differentiate oneself. Can stitch fix really offer personalized style to everyone? Do niche companies like fashion nova, runaway label, or real real have a winning strategy?

On February 11, 2020, Rubby commented on SendWave: Plugging into Africa’s Mobile Money Web :

Great article! I haven’t heard of Send Wave but I understand how complex and expensive its is to send money from the US to Nigeria. Also, a significant amount of the money in the system is from remittances. This space is definitely ripe for disruption and with the growth of the Nigeria diaspora the growth opportunities for this business is robust. However, given that most of these transactions need to go through banks and western union has an endearing relationship with banks; I wonder how this has limited their growth prospects

Great article! The financial services industry has been ripe for disruption for many years but yet we have seen limited disruption in that space. It is interesting to see that in the UK, Monzo, appears to be successful. I wonder why its business model has been more successful than other fintech companies in other markets. Do you think the regulatory environment has been an enabling factor? How was Monzo able to build trust among customers to redirect their deposit to its platform?