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On April 29, 2020, Sky Deck commented on Airbnb vs COVID: The battle for community and connections! :

Super interesting read! I wonder if for Airbnb if beyond innovating digitally, it might be worth to take advantage of what could be depressed real estate assets at a global level, and turn to acquisitions of popular real estate. I feel their incredible amount of data would give them a significant edge into selecting a profitable and effective real estate portfolio and whether they might be leaving money on the table.

On April 29, 2020, Sky Deck commented on “Mickey in the Middle of It” :

Super interesting take Nicholas! I particularly worry about the long term effects that travel fears might have over the Parks and Cruises businesses. I particularly wonder whether it would even stronger to pivot and expand Disney+ from merely a streaming platform to a one-stop shop for all types of entertainment.

Thanks Jona! Really interesting post. Like some of the comments above, I worry about the long term effect of these new changes. I think it will be particularly key to understand how long term the move into online classes will be, and how willing consumers will remain to pay for classes when there is such a wide offering of free alternatives (IG live, etc.)

On April 22, 2020, Sky Deck commented on Improving Representation in Media through Machine Learning :

Super interesting idea! Thanks for sharing. I wonder whether and how this technology could be applied to create guidelines and learning materials for writers and executives, as much as to just flag existing content. Is there any way it could help create?

On April 22, 2020, Sky Deck commented on Stitch Fix: Your Personal Shopper :

Thanks for sharing! I wonder how design might become a “victim” of a business model such as this one. As much data as it gets, the technology behind it would clearly become very successful at predicting similar items that the person might be suited for. However when you think of a real-life personal shopper or designer, their key edge is how they might innovate in design and propose something that the buyer might not have otherwise thought of.

On April 22, 2020, Sky Deck commented on Rare Carat: The Kayak of Diamonds :

Thanks Leah for the post! I wonder whether a natural expansion for Rare Carat might be to move beyond loose diamonds into other gemstones or precious metals. I also wonder whether the existing trend for consumers to buy cheaper, lab-made diamonds might impact Rare Carat.

On March 24, 2020, Sky Deck commented on The Beaver that Brings On-Demand Beauty Services to Your Home :

Really interesting read! I wonder, do you think it’s necessary to have beauty=only platforms like Beaver? Could the answer be an all encompassing platform for in home services? Think TaskRabbit + Telemedicine + Guitar lessons? Would a single marketplace be more efficient? Or would consumers distrust a brand that doesn’t focus?

On March 24, 2020, Sky Deck commented on WeddingWire: with you till you say I do! :

Great Petra! I’ve heard from many friends a lack of transparency when it comes to wedding pricing (ie charging significantly more than for any other social event). I wonder whether bringing this as a feature for engaged couples could help Wedding Wire in capitalizing in fees from the couples themselves.

On March 24, 2020, Sky Deck commented on Boatsetter: Democratizing The Sailing Experience :

Amazing! Definetely worth checking out. I wonder whether they might find as an interesting exit opportunity to be outright bought by Airbnb or a different/large player. Seems like there would also be considerable opportunitites to tie it with further vacation businesses, such as providing crews, transfers, and other activities.

On February 11, 2020, Sky Deck commented on Amazon continues to dominate – from bookshelves to refrigerators :

Very interesting article! Having used it a few times I do wonder why they have not partnered with more brick and mortar stores to offer a wider portfolio of product offerings. I believe it would be interesting to see a partnership with say Trader Joe’s for example. Regardless of whom they partner with, I would see a huge opportunity to creating partnerships, since it feels that the current strategy of acquisition (eg. Whole Foods) might prove too costly or even unfeasable in the long term, given anti-trust concerns.

On February 11, 2020, Sky Deck commented on Mercado Libre: a winner in Latin America :

Great article! As an Argentine myself, it’s been incredibly interesting to watch the evolution of Mercado Libre, not just into more territories, but also as you mention into a much broader portfolio offering of products. I keep coming back to comparing it to Amazon, and wonder whether what it’s lacking in order to become truly ubiquitous in the LatAm market is to focus on it’s offline/logistics/delivery capabilities, instead of growing it’s digital footprint. As was mentioned, since the infrastructure in these markets has not been built to allow for capabilities that Americans would consider basic for the online retail market (ie. affordable 1-2 day shipping), Mercado Libre would have to build this itself (vs. partnering with UPS in the US for example), which might too far removed from its competitive advantage. Yet still key to reaching Amazon-level scale. Food for thought.

Great article! I’d love to build on some of the comments above and leave more food for thought on the opportunity to target gamblers, as it becomes more widespread across the US market given the recent deregulation. There is definitely a market opportunity to deliver specialized data not just to gambling users, but also to the gambling platforms. In fact if SMT found that their analytics were compelling enought to drive value for gambling houses, they could go even as far as setting their own gambling platform. On that same train of thought, I’d be interested to know if they’ve ever looked to the Australian market for analysis/inspiration giving how widespread gambling is in the country.