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This is a very interesting idea but it might also have the same issues as other crowdsourced services, credibility. Other review websites like Yelp or Tripadvisor were able to solve this credibility issue by accumulating tons of user reviews and ratings. I wonder how this more immediate and personal service would solve that. Great post!

Waze is a really good example of crowdsourcing. I was always curious how users could report or upload traffic information such as police and hazard. Do they report those while they are driving? Then, isn’t it illegal or dangerous for drivers? Very curious!

On March 20, 2017, Seunghyun commented on Slickdeals – Monetizing frugality :

Slickdeal is one of my favorite websites and I visit the website almost everyday to find ‘slick’ deals. I wondered what business models they had other than advertising because I didn’t know they edit the link. So basically, slickdeal works the same as other referral sites such as ebates and mrrebates but deals are user-generated. Thanks for the great post!

On February 28, 2017, Seunghyun commented on Can a platform, once lost, regain its power? :

First, Kakaotalk had 50 million users in 2012 while T store had 20 million users – 17 mil from SK Telecom and 3 mil from other carriers.
Second, as Daniel pointed out above, Kakaotalk worked on both iOS and Android.
For Google play, they didn’t do anything special at that time as I mentioned that T store dominated app market then. But basically, all android devices embedded Google Play, therefore over 90% of smartphones in Korea were Google Play embedded ones.

On February 28, 2017, Seunghyun commented on Can a platform, once lost, regain its power? :

Hey Daniel!

I have couple of ideas to differentiate it from Google play. We can talk about it in class 🙂

Good post!
What do you think will happen if Farfetch decides to scale by having its own warehouse?
Will they end up failing like Gilt?

On February 4, 2017, Seunghyun commented on Winner: Venmo – the next generation checking account :

Great posting!
We already talked about how Venmo captures value. IMO, it is collecting tons of transaction date of customers and that’s what it requests users to write about transaction when they use venmo. At the end of day, these transaction data are most important ones which can directly be utilized.

On February 4, 2017, Seunghyun commented on Digital Winner in Food Delivery Industry :

There food delivery companies employ different delivery networks from logistics companies like CJ. As you know, food delivery should be prompt and swift, and done, let’s say, within 30 mins by bike. On the other hand, logistics companies like CJ have national-wide delivery networks and are optimized for deliveries. You pointed out a very good point about convenient stores in Korea. Actually, there is a delivery service called ‘convenient store delivery’. You can send your package or pick up your package at the convenient store.

On February 4, 2017, Seunghyun commented on Digital Winner in Food Delivery Industry :

So they changed their business model from charging transaction fees to advertising model like ebay or zillow. Customers see the lists of restaurants based on their locations. Now restaurant owners pay about 50 USD per POI(point of interest) to be listed on that list. For example, you as a restaurant owner want to be listed on the application for customers around HBS area. Then, you want to buy certain POIs such as HBS, Harvard Square, Cambridge, and Central Square. Therefore, you pay $200($50*4). It’s very interesting that they did the opposite that Grubhub did.