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Thanks for the interesting post! This one is indeed sometimes overlooked despite its value creations.

I would add one more value creation that many people might not realize, beyond providing convenience. It helps people with ADHD like me (and probably many other health problems) to manage some simple tasks we sometimes have problems to do. It gives nudges to do tasks, to breathe, etc. It also actually alerts health risks, although the downside is it sometimes is inaccurate that it gave someone who was nervous about his presentation and prompted an alarming sound and asked whether he had a heart attack. It could have actually saved lives.

On March 6, 2019, Mega commented on Domino’s Pizza: Delivering Innovation and Profit :

Interesting! Your post on technology in food business reminds me of Zume Pizza from California, a company that actually focuses n food-tech. It automates mobile pizza restaurant (restaurant in a car) that uses robots to take orders, add ingredients to the pizza based on the orders, and putting it into the oven. The robots also take account the time and location into each order’s cooking and delivery time so that when the pizza arrives at the customer’s door it will still be oven-hot. After being founded in 2018, it had shortly gone to stage B, raised $375 million in 2018 and is now valued over $2 billion.

Thanks for sharing! I subjectively agree that Instagram is a better application, however, I also noticed that both applications have different market and audience. While outside the US Instagram is increasingly more popular but Snapchat still has almost 200 million users, which could have been the 5th largest country in the world, bigger than Brazil. To target the right app, I think the key is to know which one your specific target audience is on.