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On November 22, 2015, Mati G commented on Entelo: Using big data for social recruiting :

great post! I would be curious about how this platform could compete against LinkedIn if they decide to do something similar. Maybe its a candidate to be bought by them?

On November 22, 2015, Mati G commented on Big data to transform agriculture :

great post Mr. Poblets. I agree with the issues mentioned by GA, I would also be a little bit concerned about how the customer would perceive this “lab veggies”. I definitely believe its a great idea, but I would love to know how these people are thinking about customer perception. Do customer really know what the product is about?
How difficult is to grow other vegetables? apples? quinces?

On October 5, 2015, Mati G commented on a two sided marketplace for all your care needs :

Dani, great post! I believe you have touched the key points about success. In addition I would add that are two main attributes of the business model that would allow keep growing. First, given the nature of the business, I believe there is a high willingness to pay, given that the service is focused on your “most loved ones”, and this emotional connection could be translated into higher WTP. Second, the population is aging and the overall potential market will keep growing!

On October 5, 2015, Mati G commented on PlayStation: How Sony came to dominate the gaming industry :

great post “GA”. I find really interesting the point you have made about the compatibility of the games between different versions of the same console, promoting the upgrade of the hardware and at the same time, locking competitors. I recommend you also to take a look at current PS4 business model, which also present strong network effects. From one side, Sony has encouraged the multi-player scenarios, generating direct network effects. Also, it has leveraged indirect network effects by promoting to use the PS4 as a central platform for third party media providers, such as Netflix, Hulu and Spotify.

karthik, great post! I enjoyed very much reading it, particularly because something similar is happening in other emerging economies. In fact I have wrote about Easy Taxi, a similar platform that has been successful in Latin America.
There are many similarities, and I believe that the 4 points that you mention are critical, because they have “disrupted” the market minimizing the disruption (e.g. local languages, call centers).
In addition to the cash concern, I would also be worried about what could happen when all of these “local barriers” start to minimize (e.g. smartphone penetration) and in the same way, the switching costs between different platforms start to minimize as well.

On September 14, 2015, Mati G commented on Venmo: Rapidly Replacing Cash in the Pockets of Millenials :

I believe Venmo is a great example of a winner, at least, in having a large customer base. Its hard to believe for me how they will compete with traditional credit card providers, as they have already an inmense intalled base and the relationship with banks. I personally believe that the best for Venmo, could be to be aquired by any of these companies (e.g. Amex, VISA, MC) and leverage its great momentum…

On September 14, 2015, Mati G commented on Wealthfront: Winning at Wealth Management :

Great post. Eventhough I dont know in detail Wealthfront, I believe is a winner here, and traditional Investment/Wealth Management companies should, at least, carefully analyze what companies like this one is doing. They are creating value not only by lowering significantly the transaction costs, but also, focus their customer relationship towards more value to their portfolios, rather than mantaining commercial relationships!

On September 14, 2015, Mati G commented on Kodak: The fall of a giant :

great post Gustavo! really liked it!
I believe the points you touch are competely right. In my opinion, if Kodak really was really understanding whats what going on, they would have leveraged their inmense retail network and brand equity to re-build their business around digital images. They did have some digital cameras and in-store totems, but, they were completely late in this game. They were in a great position, and they missed the opportunity to keep leading the industry.