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On March 23, 2021, Julia Loughlin commented on The Business of Predicting and Winning Elections :

Great blog post! While the power of data and targeting specific populations through analysis has clear benefits for campagins, I wonder if the interpretation of the data can be equally dangerous to politicians. To see voters as unlikely to likely voters and base importance of contact on this measure may reduce the importance of voice of many Americans. Will politicians and their teams become so laser focused on thed data and the tiny subset of most influential voters that they miss the forest for the trees and fail to learn what might change an unlikely to a likely? Do you think it is possible to become to myopic on data and groups that the data identifies as most important?

On March 23, 2021, Julia Loughlin commented on How Instagram Keeps Users Scrolling For More :

Hi Julia, awesome post! Two thoughts:

1) I would be curious on your perspective around whether you think Instagram should OR will give users more control about what they are shown. Based on your blog, right now it seems like our scrolling actions go into a black box and ads pop up accordingly. It would be interesting if users were given some control (i.e. I want to see more of or less of)

2) Given TikTok is winng with Gen Z and younger, how can Instagram ensure they are getting enough data from these groups to improve their product for future users/different cohorts?

On March 2, 2021, Julia Loughlin commented on BetterHelp: Democratizing Access to Mental Health Services :

Great post Marcos! I am curious in your research is BetterHelp was taking any active role in trying to expand the number of therapists avaliable by engaging with social workers and less credentialled workers who are often also more affordable? Additionally, one of the biggest gaps in mental health care currently is for Medicaid patients. Many therapists won’t accept Medicaid patients due to lower reiumbursement rates and the standard BetterHelp price seems too high for a low income user. Do they offer discounts or have they indicated how they might address this huge and vulnerable population?

On February 11, 2021, Julia Loughlin commented on Color: a unicorn born amidst the COVID-19 pandemic :

Great post! I do wonder how Color evolves and changes in a post covid world. Will the “winners” of covid have staying power or will they be looked back on as flashes in the pan. I also wonder how Color has changed peoples expectations around the ease of testing.