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On February 23, 2019, Hung Vo commented on Less is more: Digital Innovation for Financial Inclusivity :

Great article about financial inclusion! I think the innovation historically has been microcredits, and it’s great to see that financial accessibility is now being extended through digital technology. I would be interested in learning about how it engages with rural populations in Indonesia, especially since this is the segment most disenfranchised of opportunities.

On February 23, 2019, Hung Vo commented on Collaboration not Competition: Shopify’s eCommerce Platform :

Shopify is surely an interesting alternative to having a storefront since its monthly membership costs are much lower than any possible overhead estimates. I think the value Shopify has over platforms is the integration it provides and how it specifically caters to eCommerce. I’d be interested in learning, for instance, what businesses types/products have been especially successful on this platform or any criteria in which it provides the most added value in business (i.e. rural location, small businesses, niche products, etc.).

On February 23, 2019, Hung Vo commented on TikTok: A Viral App Among Teenagers :

I also echo PC’s concerns regarding the fact that young people have natural turnover rates as they transition to adulthood, though I’m not exactly sure that older demographics should technically be TikTok’s target audience given the fact that they might not bring the most monetary returns. Another concern is that this app will peak and eventually just enjoy a niche space.