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On April 22, 2018, Haley commented on Digital Disney: Transforming the Happiest Place on Earth :

Interesting post! I really like the idea of creating original content for the Marvel YouTube channel as it seems like a good example of how the two can work together. When you mentioned that top Disney executives must become “digital natives” themselves, do you think this is really achievable? One thing that continually interests me is whether or not someone can overcome their previous biases to succeed in a transformation. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on other aspects of Disney’s digital transformation (like what to do with ESPN) as well!

On April 22, 2018, Haley commented on BCG: Digitally disrupting … or disrupted? :

Great post! Like Eliza, I was also left wondering about the employee composition of a digitally transformed BCG and further- how does this affect how they charge clients? Based on the value proposition for traditional management consulting (the #1-3 you outlined above), if the client is no longer hiring BCG for manual labor of #1 and 2 then how does that change the pricing structure and margins? I worked for a public accounting firm before school which is going through a similar transformation, and I think one of the biggest challenges will be adapting the long established revenue/cost structure of hiring clients.

On April 22, 2018, Haley commented on Wayfair – A Zillion Things Home :

Fascinating post! I was unaware of the history of the company and the first few digital transformations that it underwent. I’m curious as to how the personalities of the founders dictated the culture of the company in a way that it was able to transform. Or did they keep the company small enough from the beginning to be nimble to change?

Very interesting! I had just heard of Ripple in terms of the coin that was most favored by financial institutions, but didn’t really understand the background of why. Curious to hear your thoughts on how Ripple competes with many of the other startups that are focusing on cross-border payments and how they are differentiating themselves?

On February 2, 2018, Haley commented on Nvidia: Dominating GPUs Benefits More Than Just Gamers :

Nvidia has definitely been a big winner recently, but I’m somewhat skeptical that it can continue such impressive dominance in providing hardware for cryptomining and AI. Most chip manufactures at this point have set themselves up to take away their market share, especially Intel. Samsung just announced that they are creating a chip specifically for cryptomining. In my opinion, Nvidia benefited greatly from the silicon architecture of GPUs in general, but I see innovations in that architecture from other companies beginning to nip at their heels. Time will tell!

On February 2, 2018, Haley commented on In a Digital World, PTC is a real winner. :

Interesting post! I wonder if they are trying to go too broad with their offerings? While I see the intersection between AR and IoT, it seems that having a competitive advantage on offering a platform to both analyze the data coming from the equipment AND providing a training system through an AR platform is a tall order. Furthermore, providing a comprehensive AR solution requires a lot of partnerships and coordination among the hardware providers. Its also interesting how they seem to be taking a similar approach as GE in the case we most recently discussed, but the outcome in stock price is far different.