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On October 4, 2015, Golden commented on How AirBnB Might Ultimately Fail :

Love the title and picture! You mentioned that fees may drive disintermediation which will lead the AirBnB’s demise. Given the geographic scope of their offering do you think that is a real threat to the business? I use AirBnb because it provides a sense of security for me. I know that money will be exchanged per the listing on the site. While I may contact a host directly during a repeat visit, I will definitely use the platform for travel to new locations and recommend that my friends and family do so as well.

On September 14, 2015, Golden commented on Polyvore: Consuming Traditional Fashion Retailers :

This is a great post! I know that this post is about Polyvore but I’m wondering how you feel about the speed at which Instagram is rolling out their mobile shopping efforts. It seems like they are trying to figure out how to capture value from the opportunity that mobile shopping presents while staying true to the initial value proposition of the platform as a social networking/picture sharing application. This makes me more optimistic about other incumbents gaining a foothold in the space in the meantime.

I absolutely love this post mainly because I am probably Zara’s number 1 consumer but also because I completely agree with the fact that Zara’s competitive advantage is its technology and vertically integrated model. In my opinion they’ve done a great job of tackling the omnichannel dilemma that many retailers, both mass and luxury face today. I use Zara’s app religiously both in store and on the go. It is sticky because they continuously add skus to the website so even if I don’t need to buy something I often peruse the app to see what’s new. In addition, they have a convenient feature that allows consumers to prompt an email when a sold out item comes back in stock. There is also a feature that allows you to check for specific items in physical stores locally. These two features combined make for an easier customer experience cross platform but also allows Zara to capture some pretty important data with regard to consumer behavior and inventory management. It will be interesting to see how other fashion retailers, who are not vertically integrated will adapt.