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On November 24, 2015, CSS commented on Wikipedia – Who is the authority for the Truth? :

Agreed! It’s a problem when professors, for example, explicitly state that they won’t qualify Wikipedia articles as true, verified sources for research. How can Wikipedia verify quality in the future? And even if they can, will they be able to turn around their reputation?

Agree with this. As someone who also worked at YouTube during the first round of funded YT original channels, I additionally wonder if YouTube will do a better job of creating successful channels (i.e. Wigs 100% failed, while the Red Bull channel flourished).

On November 24, 2015, CSS commented on Amazon Studios: Crowdsourcing Feedback to Produce Content :

Completely agree here! Worry that the Amazon userbase isn’t necessarily reflective of the general public. But I do wonder if perhaps Amazon has somehow taken that into account? I would personally think that some sort of crowdsourced “greenlight” + a complementary internal, traditional greenlight process would work quite well.

Side note: Everyone should watch the most recently released pilots. I’m really into Good Girls Revolt!

On November 24, 2015, CSS commented on Tinder Wants You to Tone Down Your Right Swipes :

From a competition standpoint, I do think Tinder is at an advantage given its “first mover” stance…They have (hopefully) collected way more data than a Hinger or Bumble. Similar to how Spotify is starting to really leverage its historical data, I wonder if Tinder will start doing the same to better change user “discovery” and matching algorithms.

This is fascinating. My question: How are physical therapists + doctors leveraging this technology and the data it provides? Are they generally in agreement with the “advice” provided?

Great post! The one thing I find super interesting about Hype Machine is its huge value add to bloggers (not just consumers). For any blog chosen to be one of the 750 (give or take), Hype Machine is a huge source of new traffic.

The other thing: A lot of the “popular chart” is a bit self-fulfilling, I think. I’ve noticed a trend in which bloggers check the popular chart (for new music), see what’s popular, like what they hear, and then post it again (only further cementing chart standings).

On October 5, 2015, CSS commented on YouTube 1, everyone else 0 :

Re: advertisements — YouTube is definitely working to improve the advertisement experience, for both users and advertisers. The relatively new TrueView format, for example, enables users to skip ads; advertisers then only pay for the ads that users actually watch to completion. Makes for a much better ad viewing experience, and I believe is part of the new advertising future (along with other formats such as branded content / advertainment).

On October 5, 2015, CSS commented on Twitter: A network potentially losing its effects :

This is a really interesting thought. The Twitter acquisition of Periscope in March was certainly a means for Twitter to increase value through video and livestreaming.

On October 5, 2015, CSS commented on Napster – The Start of Something Big :

I always wonder what would have happened had the music industry (i.e. the labels) chosen to try to monetize Napster instead of merely shutting it down! Could have been great value capture for both the industry + Napster.

On October 4, 2015, CSS commented on Spotify: An Ecosystem Powered by Network Effects :

You should check out the new Discover Weekly! It’s a customized playlist (powered by a non-human algorithm) that every Spotify user gets every Monday. 100% catered specifically to you based on your listening patterns + favorite artists. Agree, though, that Spotify still has much to do on that front!

On September 14, 2015, CSS commented on Red Bull: Soaring into Pop Culture :

Have worked with Red Bull in the past, and witnessed the Red Bull Stratos jump while I was working at YouTube…They do create phenomenal content that appeals to their target demo, but I’ve often wondered what the exact ROI on that is for them. They’ve built an incredible brand / brand image, but will they be able to maintain that through energy drink sales alone? Very curious if they have other revenue sources.

On September 14, 2015, CSS commented on Instacart: Shopping for groceries has never been more fun :

Agree with MR’s comment. And also agree that Instacart has been a god sent! At first I didn’t love the delivery fee, but quickly was able to get over that once I experienced the amazing shopping experience (my shopper mentioned the produce I had ordered didn’t look great, so I decided to pass!). Wish that all stores would offer the same in-store prices, but hopefully that will come with time?

On September 14, 2015, CSS commented on Airbnb: Stop Locking Guests Out! :

I definitely see where you’re coming from, but regarding your point about “consistent offerings”: I wonder if this would perhaps detract from the variety that AirBnb offers. I can understand wanting to set a standard for a certain level of quality, but I do think one of the things that appeals to folks about the company/organization is that you can book a place dependent on your specific needs or budget. So while one person may want a small, no-frills hut on the beach, another may want a 5BR villa with all of the perks.

I’m not convinced AirBnb is a loser here…I think they’re winning in many ways, though agree that there’s always room for improvement.