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On September 12, 2015, Angela commented on Resmed Sleeps and Breathes Innovation :

I agree with this post. As a medical student I see patients stop using their CPAP because they didn’t understand the settings etc. In addition to sending emails to the patient congratulating them, it would be great if Resmed include a feature that allows doctors to be able to message patients to make the recommended changes in settings based on the patient’s use of CPAP. So patients would not have to make an appointment to come in to get it adjusted when it could be difficult for some patient groups to take time off to do so.

On September 12, 2015, Angela commented on Not Slacking off in the office :

I am in agreement that Slack is a useful tool but the common perception is it is mostly people in the Tech space that uses it and it hasn’t manage to achieve as much widespread penetration in other sectors. I wonder if they are doing anything to actively counter that perception so as to be able to continue with their exponential growth.

On September 12, 2015, Angela commented on MINDBODY – providing technology tools to a non-tech industry :

A further potential value creation for Mindbody in the future that I could see is to provide to it’s customers suggestions of potential conglomeration of similar small and individual centers (information it would have). This would enable the individual centres to leverage the benefit of economies of scale and consolidate this widely saturated and diverse market in order to establish a stronger brand presence for consumers to pick from. The value creation would be to introduce a little more confidence in the consumer’s mind as there are also a lot of dubious centres that takes advantage of the current lack of evidence-base practice / regulation to fly under the radar leading to negative customer experiences.