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Thank you for the interesting post, Cherish!
I think the video chat or potential shot video streaming might be a very good revenue source for dating apps to attract paid users.

On May 2, 2020, Amanda Dong commented on Peloton: Riding Quarantine into a Demand Boom :

Thank you for the post! I have been following this stock for a while. It’s super interesting how investors are viewing this stock as the defensive play during he pandemic, similar to Zoom and TDOC. I think PTON can increase their user retention rate by lowering the price of their hardware. For example, they can introduce wearable devices, such as hand bands. These wearable devices will make sure the users stay engaged with their app.

On May 2, 2020, Amanda Dong commented on Teladoc Health: A Clear Winner During (and After) COVID-19 :

Thank you for the post, Loti!
I do have a positive view towards the future of TDOC. The original problem of tele-health solutions was the difficulty to penetrate the complicated health care system and acquire enough customer. The health solution itself has no doubt to generate a lot of value. Therefore, after this pandemic, these customers are likely to stay.

On April 20, 2020, Amanda Dong commented on Tik Tok: Using AI to take over the world :

I guess TikTok has even more opportunities in value capture. For instances, 1) virtual gifts to user creators, similar to online gaming communities; and 2) in-app instant purchase, e.g., users can purchase products within TikTok in a few seconds, in stead of click the link and purchase on 3rd-party websites.

On April 20, 2020, Amanda Dong commented on Use Me if You Dare, Hack Me if You Can :

I am very excited about the potential of TikTok for advertisers given TikTok’s nature of user generated contents. TikTok is able to collect much more data than traditional TV or long-video sites because it has a much more frequent feedback from users every 15 seconds. I think there are two ways to utilize TikTok’s user data for advertisers: 1) tailor contents to users’ personal tastes, and 2) guide and switch users to advertisers own app/websites.

On April 20, 2020, Amanda Dong commented on Overjet – Transforming Dentistry Powered by AI :

It’s very interesting to compare the value capture approach between Overjet (more 2B) vs. SmileDirectClub (more 2C). Fundamentally they are developing similar technologies. However, the business models and monetization approaches have resulted in two distinctive companies.

On March 22, 2020, Amanda Dong commented on Meituan-Dianping: Amazon of Services :

As Meituan doubles down on its delivery platform and merchant service, will the profitability worsen in the future? Currently, most of Meituan’s profit actually comes from hotel and travel booking. Given the impact of the Corona virus, will Meituan survive its big loss in hotel and travel booking?

On March 22, 2020, Amanda Dong commented on Dingdong– 29 mins vegetable delivery to door :

For the longer term, will the marginal operation cost decrease overtime? Will there be a true net positive profit with a 30% gross margin? I think they are taking a more difficult path by offering 29-min delivery, rather than a planned order and a second day delivery, which might be much more cost efficient. I am happy user of this app, but I do wonder if they can survive in the longer term.

Thanks for the post! Very interesting company! I do wonder if they expand to Asia, e.g., China and other countries, how do they deal with the original Asian dealers (who bought on their US app and re-sold the shoes to China)? Will they lose that part of sales?