TSMC: Moving towards sustainable semiconductor manufacturing

As the world's largest pure-play semiconductor foundry, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company ("TSMC") manufactures and sells millions of semiconductor wafers each year. The company is affected by climate change in a number of different ways, facing a combination of (1) regulatory, (2) physical and (3) reputational challenges.

Kick your CO2 Habit –> Save $$Millions

In the face of climate change, limited fossil fuel resources and fragile fuel trade agreements, it is clear that the way the world ‘does’ energy has to change. Whilst there are many moral and ethical reasons that businesses should seek to reduce their energy consumption and emissions, the course of business history tells us that few companies will actually do this unless the decision to do so is also financially attractive.

Enter XL Hybrids.

General Motors- death of a dinosaur?

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Will General Motors be around for the next hundred years? GM continues to lag behind its competitors as the business model fosters slow decision making and additional costs. As a former employee, I believe GM is in the right direction but it has a long way to go.