Plenty of Fish – How to Sustainably Harvest New Fish

As the arctic ice shrinks, sunlight will enter the arctic ocean which was previously dark. Fish that hunt by sight are expected to enter this ecosystem in record numbers and thrive on all the pristine food, which the arctic ocean is abundant. Although in the short term, large seafood companies, like Maruha Nichiro (MN) will benefit from this influx of fish, this benefit is likely to be short-lived given the industry’s tendency to overfish and deplete fish species in the Arctic. A critical challenge for Maruha Nichiro will be to avoid mistakes of the past and learn how to harvest this new resource sustainably.

Arrival of the Mackerel

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Greenland welcomes the Mackerel and says goodbye to the shrimp. What does the warming of the world’s oceans mean for a country where fishing accounts for 91% of exports?

To fish or not to fish…

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When the effects of a minor variation in temperature can change the dynamic of one of Peru’s top industries, it is difficult not to take a closer look at climate change.

Chasing Tuna

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I need the right temperature and sea level to be able to catch as many tunas as possible. Therefore, I should be ahead of the curve in Global Warming preparation, right? Think again.