Wonderful Almonds

While the mighty almond may be packed with protein and nutrition the average almond is also quite thirsty for our precious water resources, consuming 1.1 gallons of water for a single nut (2). As the tides rise, dwindling water supplies in California compete with the continued thirst for precious water resources by these delicious and nutritious treats. But, can California continue to balance the fight between its dwindling water supply and almonds hydration needs? The Almond Board of California and Paramount Farms, owner of Wonderful Pistachios & Almonds LLC, claim the industry has taken aggressive action towards bringing sustainability in almond production to the next level.

Sustainable Toilets: A Pleasant Solution to a Foul Problem

As climate change and resulting droughts threaten the world’s water supply, can we afford to keep flushing our problems away? Nonprofit RTI International has developed an incinerator toilet—entirely self-sustaining in energy efficiency—that will revolutionize water use in human waste disposal. http://abettertoilet.org/

Hershey’s and the Extra Bitter Future of Chocolate

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Everyone loves Hershey’s Chocolate with a marshmallow and graham cracker over a campfire, but by 2050, due to global warming, we might see drastic shortages in their main ingredient, Cocoa! Without long term sustainable and innovative actions by the company, we might be witnessing the end of chocolate for the masses and the s’mores that come along with it.